PCI Express Card Not getting Detected

Hi all!

After searching around for a long time and not able to find a solution I decided to post this topic.

I recently purchased an nvidia pic express graphics card, model no. 7300 GS. This card is not detected by my system but gets detected in an older system.

My computer specifications:-

OS - Windows Vista Home Premium
Computer Brand - Acer X3200
2 GB Ram, 160 GB HDD, Nvidia 9200 onboard graphics card, realtek audio, phoenix bios

First I shut down my pc, opened it and inserted the card in the pci express slot and started it. It didnt detect. Then I removed it and checked the Bios and found that the graphics display was set as Onboard and I changed it to PCI express and shut down the system and inserted the card again and it didnt detect. Then I restarted system and see if windows will detect no luck. I downloaded the drivers from nvidia and see if it will detect but it didnt happen. Then I felt card might be faulty and tested it in another system and over there it got detected instantly. Then I felt the PCI express slot in my acer system is faulty and inserted another pci express card to see if it will detect and it did! So what I understand is both the card and motherboard seem to be ok and for some reason its not detecting my card and I searched the net for some solution and after losing hope came here hoping some of you nice folks might be able to help me in this problem.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Sometimes the card is just not seating well, and it's difficult to get it to line up just right.

    Try cleaning the pins and blow some air through the slot, and reinstert it. You might try shifting where it gets screwed in a little (slide it up a tad or down a little). I've had cards that just didn't seat easily, but if I worked at it, they did get read eventually.
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