GMA 3000 and direct3d acceleration?

I have been buying and playing games at bigfishgames for about 6 months. Suddenly Directx9.0 games aren't working for me. They will load and start and then my screen will just go bright geen or soft yellow and I have to do a hard reboot. I have learned SO much trying to fix this. I have run updated drivers and then uninstalled them, I have run the directx diagnostic tool. Both Directdraw and direct3d are enabled. when I run the directdraw test it works fine -- when I run the direct3d test the monitor ends up blanking out bright like I described in the games.

I know I have a relatively lame onboard graphics card. My question is: why would some games USED to work and now not? And is the GMA 3000 [on an intel q963/q965] SUPPOSED to pass the the direct3d test?

I am a total noob at hardware/driver issues even though I am good with software -- so give me the answer for dummies! thanks!
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  1. your on windows 7?
  2. no, sorry, i should have said.
    windows xp, sp2
  3. Upgrade to SP3 already damn it but anyways that could be the problem or your crap IGP is failing...
  4. ummm... IGP? integrated graphics processor?
  5. Yes.
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