HD 5850 Buy now or wait?

Im going to be building a pc this christmas and i have be looking at parts go up and down in price for the last few weeks. I have decided to get either a Hd 5850 or HD 6870 but prices have not been consistent and the 6870 has went way up since it was released. I am looking at this deal at newegg http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.553617 it is the cheapest the 5850 has been with a psu (which i need).
So should i buy now or wait until black friday/cyber monday? Do you think the 6870 will drop below $240 again before the new year? What do you think, this deal expires tomorrow so i dont have a lot of time to decide. Thanks.
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  1. I say go for it. I don't expect the prices to drop any lower than they are, and they're basically throwing in a nice PSU for free.
  2. These are the other components i am looking at.

    CPU Phenom II X4 955BE / MOBO ASUS M4A89GTD PRO AM3 AMD 890GX

    GPU XFX HD 5850 / PSU XFX P1-650X-CAH9 650W

    G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB Ram

    Seagate Barracuda 1 TB HD

    Case NZXT M59 / OS Windows 7 Home premium
  3. Could some of you other guys give me some advice? Does anyone think i will get a better deal on this or a 6870 on black friday/cyber monday? What kind of discounts does newegg usually do on video cards on black friday/cyber monday?
  4. I am not sure. If you can wait till black Friday do that.
  5. That looks like a pretty good deal for the psu/gpu combo, but if your not buying all your parts at the same time, why not wait ?
    You can always slot in a 6850 instead of the 5850.
    The 68xx are a little better in tesselation. The 5850 is still a great card, sorry I can't make your mind up for you , lol
    I would go with a faster cas latency for your memory, since the prices have been falling on that lately. For 13 more you can get cas 7 Gskill instead of cas 9
  6. I would go for the deal. The XFX 650w PSU is manufactured by Seasonic so you are basically getting a premium quality PSU.
  7. I am going to wait until black friday/cyber monday. The rebate deal will last until Nov 30 so i will wait and see what happens maybe the card will get cheaper or i will find another deal. Thanks.
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