4850, 5770, or 450 femi?

Hello, I am curious what the best upgrade would be, among the 4850, 5770, and the 450 femi. I am getting my first (half) up to date computer ever, but it comes with a 8300 GS PCIe card. Before you bash that, bash my PCI 5200... which is the best card I've owned up until this tuesday.

Getting a athlon 64 x 2 2.6 Ghz, 2 gigs DDR3, 300 GB HD computer that was custom built. I just want to bring it up to the modern gaming status quo. ((Yes, I know I need better RAM and processor, too, but the graphics card is the most important part for gaming... usually.))
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  1. Expect to stay on WinXP until you get 4GB of RAM. Your Processor is indeed dated, and will need some overclocking.

    But out of those the HD5770 is the best.
  2. Actually, it comes with Windows 7 64 bit. Don't know how it games, though, since it was made as a HTPC. It is a mid tower case though, not one of those dinky little things.. whatever you call them. HTPC case? Back to the issue at hand.. It has a 550W power supply, and PCI 1.1 I believe. I won't be entirely sure until I take a look inside of it on tuesday. I don't think the guy knows and/or remembers.. whichever is the case. I've heard the performance difference is only a few FPS though. so, I want to take a shot at something mid-high to high range, without my wallet collapsing in on it's self. These three cards seem like good choice options. Which would be best?
  3. Wow. The specs for the 450 are completely sporadic. What, do they just dump them into 'good' and 'bad' bunches based on the speed they manage to get it to? That's the weirdest thing I've ever seen. Even when cards are OCed, I've never seen such a random and wide assortment. I also want to know WHY the 450? Does it outpreform the other two? What about when DX 11 is turned on? How do these cards fare in modern games like Black Ops?
  4. well you'll see in benchmarks that games like COD are handle well by almost every card (from 2008-2010). but i don't have a real opinion which one is best...

  5. I don't see what you're getting at Malmental. The HD5770 is better from the link you provided.


    If you're comparing an OC'd GTS450 to a stock HD5770, sub the stock for something like this and OC it yourself. That bugger often hits 1kcore/1.2kmem.
  6. Curious, what other upgrades should I get? Processor included, though the board may be AM2 OR AM2+. Not sure which til tues. Note I am on a tight, TIGHT budget.
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