Home build i7 having strange symptoms

I got a DOA p6t deluxe v2, long story short, hunk of junk no way to RMA. replace with MSI x58 micro, uses all my parts, yay! missed one board spacer converting to mATX from full, only tried to power 3 times and never had the PSU on for more than 30 seconds.

After I did these things:

1. fixing short
2. installing operating system
3. installing drivers
4. downloading 20gb+ of games
5. and being shut down for 8+ hours,

These things started to happen durring the first 30 mins after being off for an hour or more.

1. program crashes
2. errors
3. data corrupted
4. chkdsk running but not every time i start and sometimes never in a "warm-up"
5. blue screen physical memory dump

but after about 30 mins of being on and active it settles down and runs every thing beautifully no problems in between programs, i just wish i didn't have to wait 30 mins to use my pc. i have searched forums for sever days and have some ideas of what might be wrong, but its looking like hardware broken from short, but if its possible that its just a driver problem from installing windows from a SATA DVD drive then hooray!

So, from my extreemly my-verson-of-the-story can i get some possible causes of these symptoms.


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  1. Fixed: In bios my Sparkle 220 gt was set at 64 cpu cycles per memory somethin, i increased the frequency of memory checks to 32 cpu cycles and my build stablized... YAY! so it was as i suspected crashing when it was trying to draw new screens which is why it crashed as i was loading programs... i'm sure this will make more sense to someone familiar with the pci-x interface

    Edit: Even got more performance out of my $50 videocard XD
  2. erm, can i lable this thread as solved or does a moderator have to do it?
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