HP Pavilion DV5T not booting up

All of a sudden, my laptop is not booting. It's stuck in "HP Invent" screen. I can't see hard disk light glowing, can't hear hard disk sound also. I have taken out the hard disk once. It's got stuck in same screen. Please help!
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  1. Have you tried changing bios settings to give you full post results rather than quiet mode so you can see where its hanging?
  2. Hi,

    I have got the solution.

    Issue: I tried to hibernate the laptop when it was on very low battery. As a result, it shut down in the middle of hibernation. When I tried to start it up again, it tried to read from a corrupt hibernation file and hanged on "HP Invent" page.

    Resolution: Removed the battery, removed both the RAMs and keep the laptop for 30 min. After 30 min, I attached the battery and one of the RAM. It started with an error message. Then I shut it down properly, attached another RAM and started it. Everything came back to normal.

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