WAG160N constantly dropping connection


My in-laws have a WAG160N connected directly to an ADSL router (TalkTalk). It apparently drops its internet connection after a random period - it requires restarting at least once per day, sometimes several times an hour. Interestingly, although Windows computers lose internet access, my wife's iPhone and my Android phone do not lose their ability to browse. Can anyone help?

Cheers - Adam...
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  1. maybe it is not the router. which hardware is not able to connect to the internet?
  2. Hey Emerald,

    Apologies for the delay in responding - been away for a week...

    Yes, it could be the hardware, although I've got a limited set to test against. Both of the windows laptops that are available have this problem - that is, they lose their internet connection (not their WAN connection) and only a router reboot fixes. Neither of the WAN-capable phone suffer this problem.

    Cheers - Adam...
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