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Crossfire issue

Ive had a 5850 and i just bought a 5870 to crossfire with, im not sure if everything is setup right, I can definitely see a performance gain in having the second card but if i look under CCC, GPU 1 (5850) shows all its normal stats, and then GPU 2 (5870) shows 0% for everything and 000 for both mem and core clocks

Im also unable overclock at all through msi afterburner, this is using 2.0 and with the 10.11 catalyst drivers

Anyone see anything wrong with my configuration? im using two crossfire ribbons, also on my board when using one card you have to place it in the second pcie 2.0x16 slot and a vga switch card in the 1st, and when i use crossfire video comes from the card in slot 2, is that normal?

should i have the 5850 in the 1st or second slot?
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    When you are at the desktop, due to alt-tab or your game is in a window and not fullscreen, your cards will go into low power mode. This means the clocks will be lowered, and all but the primary video card will go to sleep.

    The way you can tell if they are both working, aside from the obvious performance gains you notice, is to download a program like MSI afterburning or GPU-Z and take a look at the usage meter that is kept track over time.
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