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Two Video Cards Running 3 Monitors

I just installed a second graphics card on my computer in hopes to run additional monitors. I have a GeForce 9600GT in my only PCIe x16 slot and a GeForce 9200 (The original card that came with the computer) in a PCIe x1 slot with this mobo mod: .

I installed the drivers for the 9600GT, and connected it to my primary monitor and TV which works perfectly; however, the monitor attached to the 9200 does not work. It displays "No Signal". I am running Windows 7 Professional. The Device manager recognizes both cards and says they are both working properly, but the monitor connected to the 9200 does not come up in the window where you change screen resolution, etc.

I have tried switching the monitors and the 9200 does not work, while the 9600GT does work, regardless of which monitor is hooked up to it, so it's not a problem with the monitor. I have also tried updating the drivers for both cards.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm really not too sure what else to try.


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  1. Remove the 9600GT and verify that the 9200 still works. Perhaps its dead.
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    Well, this is a mod, so somr risks come with it. It's possible you damaged something. See if another random card, anything even a cheap LAN card ($10), works in the port. If it does, than the problem may be with the card or possibly software config. Try the card in the proper slot and see if it works there, alone.

    Now since you say that Windows recognizes them, it may not be a physical problem, but a software one. That's why trying it alone and in the proper slot ( or in another computer) is important so that you verify the card no physical problems.

    If it is a software problem, than check your drivers and make sure your settings are correct. Make sure that windows and nvidia (not familiar with them) software all have matching settings and both motherboard and gpu bios settings are proper.
  3. Verified that the 9200 does still work on its own.

    Determined that I damaged the PCI-e x1 slot. My LAN card will no longer work in that slot. It was the only one with enough room around it for the 9200 to fit, so will not be trying again with another slot. Not too broken up about it as I really don't need that slot for anything.

    Enabled on board graphics while I have the 9600GT installed. In the end I'm running 3 monitors and a TV like I wanted, but unfortunately not as well as if this mod had worked out for me.

    Thanks for the help!
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