I3-380M or i5-460M, which is better for the money?

Hi, I've been checking on notebooks and I've come across to my favorite one. However, I have a choice to use either i3-380m and i5-460m, which are essentially the same in every way (build, cache, clock speed and whatnot) except that the i5 has a turbo boost that can increase the current cpu speed (2.53Ghz) to 2.80Ghz. The price difference is roughly US$100-150 (converted). So, my question is :+0.27Ghz worth the price? And IF money is no concern, how big is the difference between two 2.53Ghz and 2.80Ghz in real world applications and "future applications" (newer games and such)?

BTW, I've maxed everything out (4 or 8gb RAM, whichever I found fancy, ATI 5870 and 500gb HDD) so, the processor is the only thing I'll change. If it would help, I'll use the laptop for games (usually just GPU intensive) , photoshop and 3d modelling (but nothing VERY extensive)
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  1. The i5 supports a few more instruction sets such as MMX, SSE (1,2,3,3S, 4.1, 3.2), EM64T, VT-x. (Checked on Intel's main website)

    These instructions will increase performance for certain programs (not all, mostly video/audio editing, games and other stuff).


    The price difference may not reflect in the performance.

    You may want to wait for somebody else to post here before making any decisions, I'm never 100% sure unless Iv'e had experience with a situation.
  2. @joytech22 Okay, I honestly don't know what those things do, but I think they're not that crucial for me in choosing which processor to use. Yes, I think the same way about the price to performance idea as well, since I've said before, their difference (AFAIK) is the turbo boost technology and I don't think its worth $100. Thank you for that, I just had the idea of some extra features of i5.

    Well, can anyone add more thoughts about these two? Like their performance? I've looked a bit on benchmarking and those two has a PassMark grade of (i3) 2333 and (i5) 2633 and again, I really don't know how big is the difference between those numbers.
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