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Best value, 5870,5850, 6780, 6870??

Hey was just seeing what everyone thinks is a better value... Im building a new computer and wanna get the best value for my GPU and dont really know which one to get. Im going to be using it for a Gaming rig.

so what would be the best value a 5870, 5850, 6870, or a 6850

I will be using a amd x4 955BE for the processor.

thanks for the help!!
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  1. What resolution? The 5870 is the best. 6850 = 5830 with better tesselation. I heard that the 6870 was like a gtx 460 I think. If your gaming at 1920 x 1080 go for the 5850 or 5870. Really all of the cards will do, just the 6000 series of those are a bit weaker for 1920 x 1080p. If you choose the 6000 series it should still do you well at 1920 x 1080p just not as good.
  2. just look around the shops and buy the best one you can afford pretty much...

    the performance goes like this more or less : 6850 < 5850 < 6870 < 5870

    I dont think you can go wrong with any of those , where do you live ?
  3. I am sorry, yes the 6870 is better than the 5850. Go for that one. Good GPU. :D
  4. It would be at 1920 X 1080 on a 40 in samsung tv. soo either the 5850 or the 5870 would be your recommendation?
  5. in the US
  6. I am sorry I made a mistake, go for the 5870 or 6870. The 5870 is stronger though.
  7. yeah i was leaning towards the 6870 from the beginning but wasn't positive so i posted this. does it really matter what brand?

    Sapphire 6870

    XFX 6870

    sapphire just went out of stock as i posted this but im just wondering if there is any real difference between brands?
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    Sapphire and XFX are very well known and good. The XFX has a lifetime warranty though, get the XFX. Hope you have fun with your awesome GPU! ;)
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  10. Thanks alot for the fast posts... do u think there will be any black friday deals possibly? eh ill just wait and order after that Thanks alot though!!
  11. buy the gtx 470, its as good or better than a 6870 and in some games it beats out the 5870.
    Not to mention it is cheaper than both of those on newegg right now
    Just know that you will use more power and produce more heat and noise with the gtx 470 vs. the ati cards.
  12. I would recommend this gtx 470 ( it is a little more expensive than the other ones I know but it has superior cooling:
  13. wow never mind this gtx 470 is only $230 before a $20 mail in rebate. IMO this is your best buy right now.

    Also if you still want to go with ATI the 5850 right now has the best prices on newegg, it is an excellent card.
  14. Ill take a look at it
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