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Why are the graphics of games on PC ( 100% of the time) better than the console counterparts ( Xbox 360, PS3) ? My friend asked me yesterday and although most people say PC, I'd like some info to back it up?
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    The PC has better graphics on higher end systems, because Consoles are using very old hardware in comparison. The Xbox and PS3, which have the better graphics compared to other consoles, are the same basic hardware as they were a few years ago. PC's have had a lot of advancements since then.

    However, the code on the consoles are more refined due to not having to make it work on many different setups. So they do perform a little better than a PC with the same hardware would.
  2. Quote:
    Why are the graphics of games on PC ( Most of the time) better than the console counterparts ( Xbox 360, PS3) ?

    most of the time? name one contemporary game that looks better on a console than pc sir.
  3. yeah, it should read 100% of the time, unless the PC has old hardware.
  4. Alright, thanks for the info :)
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  6. I would like to also point out the difference in monitors. 1,920 pixels by 1,080 pixels on a 24" LCD will be using a combo of smaller pixels and/or closer packed pixels then a 48" (or larger) LCD/Plasma. You have the same number of pixels, but spread out over an area literally twice as large. This means the pixels need to be either twice as big, or have a bigger gap between them. There are other things that come into play here include the panel technology, but assuming similar screens the PC/smaller screen should help make it look better.
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