IE opens new windows VERY TINY

Alright, first of all, my apologies for such a silly question.

I work tech support at an ISP in Victorio, BC, Canada, and a user called in with a very peculiar problem. Then a few days later, my roommate has run into the same thing. Both of them let other user fiddle with their computer (a bad move) but nonetheless, I have promised to help them.

Problem Description:

After opening IE (nothing wrong with it so far) the user clicks on a link. It opens a new windows, and the new window is about as small as it could be. It's the size of the title bar!


OK, unfortunately I haven't been able to mess around with this one, as I have a WIN2k box myself. However, I did reset all of IEs setting to default. No good. Also, if the user opens a link from an e-mail, it'll come up small as well.

Any suggestions are welcome folks! One idea might lead to another . . . thanks,

Chris Burns
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  1. Open up a window, then close all other windows. Resize the window that's open to a size that you like. Then close the window in that state.

    It should be resolved.

    Please visit <b><A HREF="" target="_new"></A></b>
  2. Exactly! That's what I told them to do, but why does this happen in the first place?
  3. Someone must have accidentally resized it and closed that window last, or whenever/however Windows saves that information.

    This has happened to me and I suspect all those stupid porn and what-not popups that I rapidly close as fast as possible was sized small and that caused it.
    I think Windows remembers the last window closed it what it used to open all new programs that you open up yourself. But that does not stop a popup from setting its own sizes for itself or other Windows programs.
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