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I am trying to upgrade my laptop form Window Vista Business to Window 7 Ultimate. I have run through the Window 7 Upgrade Advisor and found no issue. When it tried to installed Window 7, it will successfully complete Copying of files and will halt after attempting to perform expanding Files for a while. It just return setup failed and only option is to click OK and it stop installing. I already have the latest patch for Vista and turned of anti-virus or firewall. Any ideas what is happening here ?
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  1. 1. Why the hell are you upgrading to Ultimate?

    2. List full specs of the laptop.

    3. Most here recommend a clean install in any case.
  2. Iv had a similar issue with xp to vista. Try upgrading within windows, then try booting from the cd and upgrading that way. If that doesnt work, try formatting and do a fresh install, remember to backup your files first.
  3. Why not use the W7 Easy Transfer Wizard to save your files and settings, then do a clean install, it's easier and a better way to go. You will need to reinstall your programs.
    To use the W7 Easy Transfer Wizard:
    Browse to the DVD drive on your computer and click migsetup.exe in the Support\Migwiz directory.
    Boot from the W7 dvd and choose custom install for a clean instalation.
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