Buidling new i7 setup.need advice

so there is the DIY deal on newegg right now for 629. i am not sure if we can post links here or not but i will try. if it doesnt work it is really easy to find on newegg. my goal is to be a gaming pc later when i can afford a nice card. what are you thoughts on this deal? should i do it? is it worth it?
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  1. yeah well i am also getting this. why is there so many of the 460 gtx's on there? is this a good one?

    i mean what kind of fps would i get on something like crysis with that maxxed -aa
  2. What is your resolution, which will determine your FPS??
  3. well i need to know if thats a good card to order. i am about 5 minutes from ordering. i will wait for your answer. and i will eventually doing sli as well with these 2 cards. so is it a good one? for gaming i mean
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    Yes, the GTX 460 is a good gaming card. I was going to go with the GTX 460 myself before they released the GTX 560 Ti's (which is what I picked up in SLI). Also, you are going with EVGA, which IMO is the best manufacturer of Nvidia cards.
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