Help build a Good Gaming Rig PC

Hello I am coming straith from the Laptop marked havent owned a Desktop pc for like 10 years
now i want to build a Nice pc for Games like Crysis II
I want Cool design, excelent performance (extreme gaming?) and good price/quality.
I want something capable of overcloaking i want to learn that and do this later this year.

Budget: is to be paid on credit but i guess something around 2500-3000 euro
PC is to last a couple of years before doing any big upgrades.

Processor socket: I was deciding between socket 1366 and 1155
Considering 1155 sandy brige is cheaper and that 1366 is more expensive and will be updated next year
i think my best option is a 1155 with 2600KI7 processor right?

Considering i may choose a 1155 socket this is the option I though of:

Asrock P67
Asus Maximus IV Extreme
Asus P8P67 Deluxe
Gigabyte UD7?

I have mostly been thinking about either UD7 or Asrock p67
(keep in mind i want overcloaking later on, and crossfire graphic card)

So what motherboard do i choose?
i want 2 options the best and the next best (in case the best is out of stock)

Graphic card I think there is no doubt here
Sapphire radeon HD6950 i crossfire
unless something better?

Fan: Noctua NH-D14

I dont know what to choose here most be one compatible with the motherboard i choose
I though about G.skill Ripjaws but the shop dont sell G.skill so recomended Corsair
which one.....?
I want atleast 8gb memory , but shop recomended me to get atleast 12gb.

Power No doubt here Corsair 850W would probaly be enough

Monitor screen Samsung XL2370HD 24 inch (heard is very good for excelent price)

CPU temperature and fan front panel:
what is best AeroCool V12, Frontal NZXT Sentry LX or NZXT Sentry 2
I love Touch Aerocool V12 but shop not keen on ordering that one
they say i have to go for NZXT either sentry LX or Sentry 2
I can buy the front panel in another store just to get the V12 but is it realy worth it
so which one of the 3 to get (is for a Coolermaster HAF-X case)

CASE: Coolermaster HAF-X i realy like it (want red Light mod in it :)

Ok i want to go for HDD over SDD for personal reason and for price
first i though of 2x Samsung 1Tb hardisk but the shop cannot get samsung hardisk
so recomended me this:
1x hardisk WD 6000 HLHX 600gb 10,000rpm Sata (243 euros)
1x hardisk Seagate 1Tb 7200 rpm (almost 80euro)

Ok so i was recomended from people to stay away from WD6000 is old stuff
and instead go for either SSD or 2x HDD in Raid0
So should i just put in 2x WD Black caviar 1tb = total 2tb?
Just remember what i be using it for most: Internet,Movies, and Gaming (crysisII and other games)

Multimedia drives: 1x Blueray burner and 1x DVD burner both LG
I also add a cheap SDcard reader

Logitech 510 or Saitek Cyborg V7
i might get both incase one break
both are good yea?
Love the Led light on it
Gotta have the rig with Red light on Keyboard,mouse,mousepad light,Red Case light etc all red :)

Wanted either Coolermaster Storm sentinel advance or Razer Naga Molten
but shop only have Ozone and Logitech mouse :)

Ok so this question is 2 fold

A) Need a new mouse when buy PC so what Logitech/Ozone mouse do i buy good for gaming?
B) Need a better mouse later on you recomend Coolermaster Storm, Saitek cyborg, Razer Naga molten or some other razer?
I WANT WITH RED LED (so if it only have blue led light forget it)

Operative system:
Windows 7 Profesional 64 bits (It maybe shop only sell the OEM version is that ok?)
i am going to play some XP games so need the compatible mode reason i dont go for a windows home version.

Please recomend me a Excelent Gaming PC without doing too many changes in my list.
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  1. Case / PSU - Close match here ....

    HAF-X w/ XFX Black Edition 850 - $310
    DF-85 w/ CP-850 - $260

    I'd take the DF having built with both ....the CP-850 PSU are XFX are equal performers but the CP-850 is quieter . I can't argue with either choice tho as case selection is mostly aesthetics for many.

    You said Corsair PSU "no doubt" but which one ? The HX850 is a performance match for the XFX Blck and CP-850 models but it's a hell of a lot more money. The TX series won't cut it for twin GFX and serious OC's.

    MoBo / CPU Combo - The newgg combo with the Pro and 2600k is attractive for the savings. Other MoBo's I'd consider are the Sabertooth and Revolution, the latter of which can do x16 x 16 rather than the x8 x8 your GFX cards will operate with on the Deluxe. The Saberooth is a rock solid board (see Guru3D review with militarized componentry and 5 year warranty. The Revolution has an NF200 chipset and is $30 more than the Deluxe.

    GFX Card - I haven't had a request for a build in the $300 price range for quite a while..... pretty much all the builds asked to do of late are either 570's or 6970's and they are so closely matched, ya can't argue convincingly either way. The 570's show an edge in SLI though over the 6970's in Xfire.

    Cooler - The Noctua has dropped outta the Top Ten .... beware of sites that test CPU's on the old 775 CPU's as the results aren't relevant for 1155/1156/1366 builds. ranks current offerings as follows:

    Top Performers

    * Prolimatech Megahalems
    * Thermalright Venomous-X RT
    * Scythe Mugen 2 SCMG-2100

    * ProlimaTech Super Mega
    * Cogage Arrow
    * ProlimaTech Armageddon
    * Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme
    * Cogage TRUE Spirit
    * Xigmatek Balder SD1283
    * SilenX Effizio EFZ-120HA4
    * Titan FENRIR TTC-NK85TZ

    Highly Recommended

    * Noctua NH-D14
    * Zalman CNPS10X-Performa
    * Coolink Corator-DS Heatsink
    * CoolAge CA-X120TF Wind Tunnel
    * Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme
    * Thermolab BARAM
    * Xigmatek Thor's Hammer S126384
    * Scythe Yasya SCYS-1000 Cooler
    * Noctua NH-U12P
    * Cooler Master V6 GT Heatsink
    * Thermaltake Contac-29 CLP0568
    * Zalman CNPS10X-Quiet

    I'd get one of the 1st 3 in the "Top Performers" section and use it with Shin Etsu TIM

    RAM - See THG article on this topic ..... 8 GB plenty for gaming,2778-9.html

    Here's a matched set oif CAS 9's

    If ya want something faster....I have used a lot of these CAS 6's

    Temp Display - My son uses his Logitech keyboard LCD to display temps. I'd recommend that over any of those options

    The NZXT LX is a horror the newegg reviews...the Sentry 2 works but is awful gaudy.

    Hard Drives - The Seagate 7200.12 has a big lead over the WD and Samsung alternatives in heat and noise. Performance wise, none of them "sweeps" the performance benchmarks with each outdoing the other sin some areas.

    Card Reader - AFT XM-35U

    Optical Drive - BR media is inordinately expensive ... would suggest Blue Ray Reader / DVD Writer ... no real need for 2nd one these days ASUS BR Model BC-08B1LT

    Keyboard - Logitech G19 is nice but not worth $170 IMO; the G510 is the one I'm gonna try next

    Mouse - Logitech G9x or G500 depending on how ya like the fit

    OS - I always buy Pro as I have more than 5 PC's on home network (12) ... I also like XP mode but it don't help in games.

    Monitor - If ya wanna get into 3D, I'd recommend the Acer GD235HZ or Asus VG236HE

    3D Vision kit is $219

    There's a combo right now w/ the Asus that saves $70
  2. I see the HAF-x come with 4 fans+1 i be adding i guess maybe the best option is NZXT SENTRY 2 since it can controll 5 fans look quite nice too and easy to operate:

    however i am still thinking about the NZXT Sentry LX and on photos i seen it operate 5 fans so dunno which to choose..
    i think i discard the Aerocool V12 maybe not good option for me.

    So as for Fan front panel NZXT sentry LX or NZXT SENTRY 2
  3. Not sure if i can get the Antec 85 here where i am
    I seen the 35 however but i think it has blue led light not red what i want.
    but the good thing with Antec cases is the fants are situated in the front so easy to change...

    JackNaylorPE said:
    Case / PSU - Close match here ....

    HAF-X w/ XFX Black Edition 850 - $310
    DF-85 w/ CP-850 - $260

    I'd take the DF having built with both ....the CP-850 PSU are XFX are equal performers but the CP-850 is quieter . I can't argue with either choice tho as case selection is mostly aesthetics for many.
  4. Gilgamesh9 said:
    So as for Fan front panel NZXT sentry LX or NZXT SENTRY 2

    The DF-85 has adjustable fan controls built into the case making a fan controller is redundant. Front fans are variable speed controlled and others have 3 speed switches.

    Read the reviews on newegg on the LX and you won't be tempted to buy it.
  5. Gilgamesh9 said:
    but the good thing with Antec cases is the fants are situated in the front so easy to change...

    Actually .....

    - 2 x top 140mm TwoCool™ fans (3 speed switch)
    - 2 x rear 120mm TwoCool™ red LED fans (3 speed switch)
    - 3 x front 120mm red LED fans with speed control knobs (variable speed)
    - 1 x side 120mm fan to cool graphics cards (optional)

    Intake fans have filters to keep dust out which can be removed in 2 seconds
  6. Thanks JacknaylorPE

    OK so....

    I did look into the Sabertooth but seem it not so good for overcloaking
    have no idea how the revolution is but that would not work on 1155 sockets

    but what about 6950 crossfire is that a excelent option?

    so i should change noctua NH-D14 for one of theese:
    Prolimatech Megahalems
    * Thermalright Venomous-X RT
    * Scythe Mugen 2 SCMG-2100

    the only thing that can make me do that is if they are more silent?

    Keep in mind i want it silent

    ok i go 8gb
    which one of theese then:
    CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
    CORSAIR XMS3 8GB (4 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
    Mushkin Enhanced Redline 8GB (2 x 4GB) i need atleast 8gb

    Not sure if they have mushkin mem here as they recomended me corsair
    but i can try is it worth go mushkin intead of corsair

    Yea G19 is nice but i think it need external powersource so forget it
    beside is way expensive
    thats why i though about Logitech 510 or saitek Cyborg
    i might end up getting both. 510 and saitek cyborg.

    Thanks for the Sugestion on the ASUS 3D screen looks nice
    I dont want anything Acer or HP so from the 2 option you put up Asus is best

    BUT... i dont think i realy need 3D screen right now i hate to use 3D glases and such if i dont want 3D the Samsung option i put up is quite nice yea?
  7. I cant edit message dunno why
    anyway i see the Corsair XMS3 is 4X2GB is not that quadruple ?
    i have been recomended to select double so like 2x8gb
  8. Sorry i meant 2x4gb=8gb
  9. I been thinking for a while about Monitors now
    It drive me nuts thinking that long

    1. Go for 1 monitor 23inch: Samsung XL2370HD or Samsung PX2370
    Not sure which is best PX look cooler but brightness is lower

    2. Go for a 3D monitor ASUS VG236HE 23 inch
    but it will be more expensive with 3D glases
    but i like how you can move it up and down

    3. Go for a Bigger screen 27 inch from Samsung maybe....
    this options is probaly not good idea since i staying at 1900x resolution
    specialy since i browse the net more than games.

    4. Go for 2 23inch screen DUAL monitor
    maybe 2 different monitors so not having the same
    LG W2486L-PF 24 + samsung XL2370HD
    Samsung Px2370 + Samsung XL2370HD

    or something like that.....
    i would not need TV tuner in both for example....
    but i dont know how hard is to set up a dual monitor
    Are ALL new Monitors compatible for dual monitors
    and can you buy 2 differents brands say LG and Samsung....

    Asus 3d monitor+Samsung TV tuner monitor is very good option
    but that would rise the price gigantic.

    Suggestion for monitors
    should i go for 1x23inch 1x27inch or 2x monitors 23
  10. A 23" monitor feels a bit small with that budget ;) 27" screen might have ergonomy issues. Dual screen is nearly trivial to setup for desktop use, but offers less advantage for gaming. For EyeFinity you'd need 3 monitors. Check the monitors forum under Peripherals, that will give you useful info about monitors. You also need to consider if you are happy with a mainstream TN panel for very good response time and no blurring of the moving image (good for FPS games) or if you want a say more expensive (for the size) IPS panel with superior image quality and maybe some faint blurring in FPS.

    If you want a silent system you might need aftermarket GPU coolers or at least do careful research in GPU noise. The CPU could be the easy part if you just select a quiet HSF/fan combination.
  11. I am happy with LED dont want IPS for now
    I think 27 will be a bitt too big since i sit close to the screen and it be hard to find a good 27 screen compared to there is lot of good 23-24 screen..
    sure 27 will be better for gaming and movies but thats about it.
    I spend 50% on the internet and 50% gaming/movie so maybe 27 is not a good option...just yet
    also i comming straith from a 17 laptop screen so maybe need to get used to a 23 first.

    GRAPHIC CARD: HD6950 Crossfire vs Single Gtx 580

    Pro for Crossfire:
    - i heard is about 35% faster than a single Gtx580
    - the best money for the bucks as the most powerful card price/quality
    - They say crossfire is better if you on a i7 than on AMD (i am going for i7)

    Cons for Crossfire:
    - Consume more and cretates more heat
    - More limited in upgrades
    - more noisy
    - Need more often to upgrade drivers (i hate that)

    Pro for GTX580:
    - Almost as fast as Crossfire HD6950 not that much difference
    - Create lesser heat and consume less
    - More silent
    - Dont need to upgrade drivers as often
    - Can later add another card in sli
    - Not have to deactivate cards like u have on crossfire on older games

    - Not as fast as 6950 since is only one card
    - Not as good performance as GTX580

    So.... while i was more leaning toward crossfire option before
    i am now more considering a GTX580

    This is a VERY HARD Question to answer
    but thats why i need help with it :)
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