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I Have played games which uses DirectX as the 3D engine. Are there any OpenGL titles out there ?
I have a worry over the nvidia 400 series as according to wiki it has problems rendering OpenGL stuff. Is this a big issue ?
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  1. First of all, DirectX is an API- a set of instructions that enables the GPU to render 3D(as well as 2D for DX10 or later)content.OpenGL does the same thing, however since its development has been slow, there are not many games that use it.Some older games like Doom 3 can use it.
  2. Then is it okay to go for the GTX 460 or should i wait for the GTX 560 to arrive.
  3. Should be fine, I've been playing through Amnesia with my gtx 470 and it's a pretty recent OpenGL Title.
  4. if i'm not mistaken operation flash point dragon rising also using OpenGL
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