2 modems, 2 routers

I am in a precarious situation. I have 2 trailers, about 20-30 feet apart in the middle of the desert. Someone decided that rather than a single DSL line from Verizon, that they should get a separate DSL line for each trailer. But of course, after the install they demand connectivity between the 2 trailers.

My plan is to have a cable run between them ( there is a conduit that goes underground), connect 2 identical routers, and set them up so that the trailers can see and communicate with the others' subnet.

I purchased 2 Cisco RVS4000 routers, and am currently trying to set them up. I have tried many configurations but have been unsuccessfull. The routers have 4 numbered ports and 1 Internet / WAN port.

Things I know:

The 2 networks need to have a separate IP scheme, and pretty sure that the connection between the routers should have a different number as well,

Network A: 192.168.1.x

Network B: 192.168.2.x

Router interface: 192.168.3.x

I've set the routers to work in router mode(instead of gateway), and setup static routes.

I'm confused about whether to use a LAN port or WAN Port to connect the two routers, and I'm lost on where to set which numbers.

Both networks connect to their own internet, and really this entire this is to make a color printer and a NAS available .

If anyone can lend some advice, I would be very appreciative!
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  1. At the loctaion of the NAS and printer set up the router for VPN connections, then at the other site have the clients use the software to vpn into the other site.
  2. Actually, I feel a little stupid. After wasting incredibly too much time on this problem, I came across my answer. Linksys RV042. DUAL-WAN router

    Having two cables run between the buildings for connectivity.

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