Music player win7 kills my memory

I have 8g of memory in my Win 7 system. Everytime I try to play a CD it runs out of memory. I now cannot record anything regardless of programs running. If i close all programs it still runs out of memory.
Anyone any ideas please?
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  1. What software are you running(for cd playback and recording), What hardware?

    By memory is it telling you that you are out of virtual memory hard drive space?

    More info the better.

    If you bring up the Tasks Manager you can see your free memory at any given time as well as see what is eating all the free memory.
  2. Can you tell us the error message that you're getting? Also, what program are you using for playback/recording? Have you tried with a different application?
  3. I get no error messages, just a freeze on sound. I have tried Real Player as well as the MS supplied program. I even have problems trying to load programs.
  4. When sound freezes, does the computer crash?

    Maybe you just need a sound driver update. Programs can do some funny stuff if your sound card drivers are buggy.

    Can we get your full system specs or model number of your computer.
  5. I believe it's your HDD. Run a full check on it.
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