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hello all, and thanks for viewing my little dilemma here... I recently recieved abouut 800 dollars from a friend of mine and was wondering what is the best gaming laptop that much money could buy? I found this one at walmart:

Toshiba Charcoal 16.0" Satellite A665D-S6091 Laptop PC
AMD Phenom II P940 processor 1.70GHz, 2MB L2 Cache

4GB DDR3 system memory

640GB SATA hard drive

Labelflash SuperMulti DVD burner

10/100 Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n Wireless Wi-Fi

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 with 1GB DDR3 discrete graphics memory and up to 1661MB dynamically allocated shared graphics memory
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  1. Edit: i found one that i might be interested in. comments and suggestions always welcome :D
  2. Before giving you any suggestions, I'd just like to clarify that you should never compare laptop hardware with desktop hardware (Particularly the CPU and GPU)
    as the laptop versions are usually very bad compared to the desktop versions and IF you can, get a desktop.

    That processor is equivalent to a desktop Core 2 Duo which is currently the minimum required processor to play the latest games at mainstream (default or medium) settings.

    That GPU is a bit more powerful than the desktop 4650 yet weaker than the desktop 5570. The 5650 Mobility is also on average a minimum to play the latest games. So I'm guessing that it will not last long.

    This laptop can play current games at medium settings and older games like Modern Warfare 2 at max settings.

    The best gaming laptop that your money could buy would be just an Acer with higher specs as it's cheaper.

    Alienwares are very expensive yet still use mobility graphics which are garbage.

    So first tell me if you can buy a desktop instead, but if you need a laptop and a desktop wouldn't be suitable, I'll do some research for you.
  3. Well, honestly I can't get a desktop with the space confinements that I have to abide by:/ and yeah, I'm open to anything and everything when it cones to gaming laptops. Thanks :D
  4. Ok, I have a few in mind, I don't have time to list them now, I'll do it tomorrow.
  5. Alrighty then. Anyone else? And as for the ideal laptop, sorry but I can't go over the 800 bugdet. I just wanna play gta 4 honestly. I don't think I'm all that concerned with future games ya know?
  6. get the asus G51VX laptop it has a GTX 260 and beats the hell out of the ATI 5650 and the laptop has a 2.0 GHz Intel core duo processor and 4 GB of ram and you can buy it off ebay for $530 bucks!!!!!!!
  7. Problem is is that I'm restricted to walmart, since most of my money is in gift cards :/
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