Why wont my pc recognize an AGP x8 graphics card


im running a very old emachines 770 model, had to put Vista business on it :(

my friend recently found a very cheap 256 mb GeForce FX500 5500 graphics card and bought it for me... so i went to install as you do lol..

comp config:
pentium 4
768mb DDR Ram
AGP slot
Trigem imperial IM845G motherboard
350w PSU

i was wondering if this motherboard can actually handle this graphics card because i have tried to install it a few times..

uninstalled old drivers for the GeForce 4 MX 440 graphics card and then turned machine off put new card in turned on and nothing completely black screen... (i use a program which allows me to look at another comps screen and control it so i used that to go into the device manager to see if it had even recognized that i put a new card in the AGP slot and all it says is that its using the onboard crappy one...

any ideas???
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  1. Go into the bios and set the default display output to AGP. Are you sure your slot is compatible with the new card?
  2. already been into BIOS and set to the AGP setting... im hoping it is.. im pretty sure its a x4 slot and as far as i know x8 cards should still work in the x4 slot
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