Finally upgrading. Need help.


Im planning to upgrade my computer today, so I want to double check with you guys if its going to work. Im planning to keep my motherboard MSI G31TM-P21 Motherboard ( and change my CPU and Video card. Now for that motherboard I know its compatible with Pentium Dual Core E6700 3.2GHz as it stated here ( And the video card that im planning to buy is Radeon HD 6570 (
Will my computer be able to handle this? Also my current power supply is Antec Basiq 350W, is that going to be a problem? So far my budget for right now is for CPU and Video card, not enough with PSU.
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  1. According to Sapphire, that graphics card requires a minimum of a 400w power supply:
  2. Nvm, I found a power supply 500W for cheap. Just double checking: changing 350W to 500W PSU and adding Pentium Dual core E6700 and Radeon 6570 to my motherboard MSI-G31TM-P21 will be okay right?
  3. Looks like it to me. I'm not expert on CPUs, but for the record, that looks like a mighty old processor. You might not actualize as much power from that 6570 as you'd like.
  4. Well, I know right. I think thats all im going to get for its socket. If I want a better CPU, im going to have to change my mobo. Anyhow, thanks for your help. Anyone else wanna confirm this? Thanks.
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