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Processor : Intel Core2Quad Q6600 2.4Ghz Revision G0 Stepping B on stock heat sink and fan
Motherboard : ASUS P3P45TD/USB 3 1600(O.C)/1333/1066/800 MHz
Current RAM : Corsair Value 1333Mhz 2x4Gb
Video Card: EVGA GT430
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

I have a 4 year old - never been overclocked - Q6600 Intel processor currently running at its stock 2.4ghz on an ASUS P5P43TD/USB3 motherboard

The motherboard as the site says can support at o.c. - 1600(O.C)/1333/1066/800 MHz

I have one of two choices for an upgrade --

1. Upgrade my ram and buy - Corsair Vengeance (Dual) 2x4gb ddr3 1600 CL9 Low Profile (CML8GX3M2A1600C9) and overclock my fsb

-- OR --

2. Just buy 2 more sticks of Corsair Value 4gb and continue to run my system at 1333Mhz.

I would like an expert's opinion on the matter. Buying the Vengeance kit would mean I have to also buy an aftermarket CPU cooler since changing to 1600 fsb will overclock my processor correct? Then I have to sell my old 2x4 1333 value ram and buy a decent cpu cooler. Is it just the cpu that I need to cool or do I have to actively cool any part of my motherboard or ram as well?

Can I even go up to 1600 fsb on the processor that I have? Will it be too risky when it comes to the lifespan of my processor? I am worried that if I do overclock my fsb and in that sense overclock my processor the overall life span of my procie wil shorten and I still wan't to use this procie till it really is obsolete. I want to replace my procie because its old and could no longer run currently available programs and NOT because it got broken.

I am extremely new to overclocking please do not use heavy computer terms on me.

Ultimately, which of the two is a better idea? Actually I am a man of limited budget although I have no qualms on spending if it is a good buy. Is it better to just stick with 1333Mhz of 16GB value RAM because soon enough socket 775 is going to be too dead a technology anyway and upgrading is futile? Or is the added performance of 1600Mhz really a good choice even for the huge additional cost since I will have to upgrade cooling as well? What are the benefits of upgrading ram frequency in real time? -- does it provide faster boot up speeds? Does it provide faster alt-tabbing between games?

Please help me weigh the pros and cons of doing either.
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  1. The QVL can be found here:

    Given the age of the puter, I don't think 16GB of RAM is going to do anything for you ...what OS ya have on here ? Is it 64bit ?

    32 Bit OS's can only address 4 GB
  2. I have seen that qvl... I did not find either the ram that I am currently using now in that list... neither did I find the ram that I plan to buy.

    It doesn't help me much on answering the question of which is a better buy.

    Any reason behind your advice of getting two more sticks of what I have?
  3. I have a choice of either a Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit or Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I can pretty much get hold of any OS that is needed as well.

    How is the age of my computer going to affect its ability to run OS? I can re-install my OS anytime as well as I have configured my system to be re-install friendly.
  4. Thats the RAM's bus speed not the System bus speed

    it will not overclock your CPU
  5. @mdsiu

    Yes that is the RAM's bus speed. But I was under the impression that in order for me to get to that 1600 bus speed I have to push my system bus speed to 1600 as well since the RAM bus cannot go over the CPU bus speed? I thought even if I put 1600Mhz RAM on a 1333 board then I am just running the RAM at 1333 anyway and that would be pointless.

    Is this correct or is this incorrect? Again I am no overclocking expert please explain more so I may understand.
  6. the heatsinks on the Corsair Vengeance should be enough to OC the memory. If you OC the CPU, you will need to upgrade the CPU cooler aswell. I currently have win 7 Ent 64 bit with 16 GB ram. but not much diff in performance from 8 to 16 GB. I just want extra RAM for VMs...
  7. @cybneo

    I am sorry there must be some misunderstanding. I am not going to overclock my memory as they will be in itself rated for 1600Mhz. It is the motherboard settings that I just have to tweak in order to get that RAM to perform at its rated values. From my understanding even if I buy a 1600 rated RAM, if I put it at a 1333 stock board it will just be the same as putting a 1333 RAM on the same board?

    Aside from that the main question is whether a 1600 RAM upgrade from 1333 is a better value buy and why?
  8. The stock heatsink and fan are good for about 3.0 GHz (333 MHz X 9). Anything much higher will require better cooling.

    Can you reach 3.6 GHz (400 MHz X 9)? Depends on the individual chip. 3.3 GHz is pretty easy, though.

    You can run the RAM faster than the CPU FSB freq. That gives you little extra performance, but you can do it.
  9. @jsc

    I am new to overclocking. Do I need to get my processor to 3.6Ghz in order for me to run my ram at 1600?
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