Dp45sg memory problems

Hello, I have little/big problem with my desktop motherboard. Screen is black and none memoryblocks doesn't work. Without memory it beeps 3 times. I have tried to do "old tricks" like taking off battery etc.

This all happened when I put the new memory chip in the memoryblock.
It's a Kingston Valueram 2 gb 1333Mhz DD3 chip.
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  1. Does it work with the old memory? If not, make sure that the modules are fully inserted.
  2. It doesn't work with old memorys. I have checked manual how to install modules but still nothing...
  3. Are you sure the modules are fully inserted into their slot?
  4. Yes, still nothing... I had talked with my friend and he asked same thing.
  5. Reset the BIOS to see if it helps. When you inserted memory, did you power off the PSU or disconnect it from the wall outlet?
  6. I was reset BIOS and CMOS but it doesn't help. Yes I had taked power off PSU and disconnected it. Still nothing.
  7. Then your motherboard probably is defective. Is it still under warranty?
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