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Hello, I am currently in the market for a good build that will be good for video editing using Sony Vegas Pro, and After Effects CS5.
I am looking for something with an i7 processor, and at least a 1gb graphics card, and around 6gb of ram and up.
I have the os, and the keyboard/mouse, and the monitor. My current budget is around at maximum $700.00 Please help me if you can.
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  1. It's going to be difficult to get an i7 build for under $700. You have to account for the fact that the cheapest i7 processor costs around $300. I tried several different configurations and the cheapest I could get was 750 or so, and that was with the lowest-end parts. Someone else may have more luck than me, but I'm just giving you the heads up that your budget may not allow for an i7 setup.
  2. Yeah, i understand, a high end i5 is fine too.
  3. If you're going with CS5 make sure to build using a video card compatible with the Mercury Playback engine. http://www.indiev.org/?p=317

    I'll get you started with some recommendations.





    Why I recommend sandy bridge ---> There is a possibility of major NLE software upgrades coming out in the future based around Sandy Bridge architecture. If you have the old i5, you won't be in for the upgrade.

    Always glad to help out a fellow editor.
    And now for a quick public service announcement.
    Attention everyone. Just so you know, Final Cut Pro is probably the fourth best Non Linear Editor. On a good day. It is become the most used through Apple marketing and film school propagation. If you remember someone saying something akin to it being the best, do not trust that person's advice for technical knowledge. Thank you.
  4. That really helped me so much thanks! and yeah final cut is missing on a lot of key things that it needs.
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