PSU is enough?

I recently completed a build and I am starting to think my PSU is not enough. Been getting errors and random shutdowns along with various boot errors. I have tried everything and still having issues here and there. Problem seems to have gone away temporarily after removing lots of RAM but I am waiting for it to creep up any day now. Running a OCZ 650W bronze certified PSU. Running Windows 7 home premium. Would like to push to Ultimate to possibly take advantage of 32 gb but that I know would be more of a drain on my PSU.

i7 3930k

16GB g. skill ripjaws x (2x8GB)

Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo heatpipe

Radeon 6950 GPU

WD Velociraptor GPU

Corsair 60gb SSD

Samsung Optical Drive (Not worth going into specs)

ASUS p9x79 mobo

Thermaltake Armor MX tower

Basic optical mouse, keyboard ect.

Is that enough or is it going to be the major cause of my issues?
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  1. A 6950 only needs about 12 - 15 amps. Even with 32 GB of RAM, your present PSU has power to spare.
  2. I agree it should be fine, also an upgrade to ultimate would not put more drain on the psu...
  3. I checked with this site too and it confirms that u need,

    Minimum PSU Wattage: 467 W
    Recommended PSU Wattage: 517 W

    I know it is just an estimate, but plenty of power to spare : )
  4. You could even change your 6950 for a 7970 and it would be a good amount reserved in PSU.
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