Upto what resolution will an nvidia geforce gtx 460 768 mb work fine???

Hey guys i have just brought the nvidia gtx 460 768 mb graphic card for my pc..
I wanted to know upto what resolution will this card work fine???
Also i have got the HDMI Cable..Whats the use of it???
Pls tell me guys..
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  1. GTX 470 can handle almost all games perfectly fine on resolutions up to 1080p.On higher resolutions you may need to lower some settings in order to maintain a good FPS
  2. http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/MSI/GeForce_GTX_460_Cyclone_OC_768_MB/

    In this review, all the games tested at those IQ settings performed without problems at 1900x1200 .
    Above that resolution you would run in to ,running out of memory buffer.
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