Need help with my inno3d GTS 450 not OC 1gb ddr5

hi before anything else this is my rig...

600w psu generic
benq LED 16" monitor 1366x768
gigabyte g41 es2L bios updated f9
1 tb seagate baraccuda partition by 200gb and 100gb+
corsair xms2 4gb 2x2gb 800 ddr2 interleaved
inno3d gts 450 not OC single fan
intel core2duo 2.93ghz 3mb cache
coolermaster hyper 212 plus cpu fan
windows 7 ultimate media center 32bit

heres my problem.. i bout my new inno3d gts450 today
i have done all... reformat... setup bios to pci all set
my problem is im confuse with my video card... inno3d gts 450 its normal temperature or in idle mode is 36 celcius...
but when i playing nba 2k11 its goes to max 60 degrees celcius i use GPU monitor at win7 gadget please help is it my video card is in normal or abnormal mode? is it very hot it max 60 degrees celcius?

please need help.
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  1. 100c would be very hot, 60c is nothing to worry about.
  2. sire mousemonkey may i know the chart temperature of all video cards? do i have to change my psu to cooldown my video card? may i know how to cooldown it?
  3. There is nothing abnormal in those temperatures. Why would you think there is ?
    This model could run in to the 70's.
    Enjoy your card.
  4. im just really scared coz i have touch the heatsink of gigabyte chipset it so hot? is my card the cause?
  5. No, chipsets run hot. Try sticking your tongue on an OC'd 680i chipest! :lol:
  6. thank you for the reply notty just really scared coz im noob at video cards.... and ive experience a hot card =( is all the card idle temp is 36c? could i reduce it to add some fan to my video card?
  7. I advise you never to 'touch' the exhaust manifolds of your auto engine.
    Those are also very hot, and there is usually nothing wrong, lol
    Your video card can consume about 100 watts of power in operation.
    The side effect of that is the creation of heat energy.
    A light bulb's function is to generate light, yet if you touch a 100 watt bulb, you will burn your finger.
  8. hahahaha!! sorry sir just only now touch the chipset and experience =) how hot it is hahahaha now i know... =)
  9. thank you sir i taught my whole rig will burn coz of this hotty =) uhmm can i have a link regarding temperatures of all video cards ati and nvidia?
  10. Now can I have a million dollars ?
    You have to remember, you put the coolest running video card in a tight small micro atx case with minimal clearance under the video card and poor wiring managment and that cool running card can run up near 100c at times.
  11. thank you very much notty... may i ask again can i up speed the vga fan coz it only speed upto 1560rpm + !!
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