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Need Help choosing a graphics card

Hello' fellow members
I always turn to the people with more experience then me.

I what to upgrade my gpu. I currently have ASUS EAH4850 TOP/HTDI/512M. I have no problems with overheating like forums had said although i get about 120f which is 48c full loaded while running dual monitor set up. Its warm not hot. i also oc it i have good airflow w/nine hundred case and aftermarket fans. i currently play COD MW2 and just got Black Ops. There are some problems with Black Ops lag. I have the patch from steam. doesn't help. I also watch Blu-ray on the pc. I want to run a dual monitor set up again i have a Samsung 50" plasma and sharp LCD both full 1080p.

My question is should i up grade to a single card ie.5xxx series or run crossfire with another exact 4850?
Will the performance be match of better with the crossfire.

Any input would be greatly helpful.

asus M3a78-t
amd x2 7850 oc 3.35 will upgrade to a pII x4 955 later after gpu purhase.
Gskill 1066 2x2gb 4gb total. OC
asus 4850
pws 500w not crossfire compatible
Nine hundred case
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    if i'm not mistaken the lag in black ops are related to cpu cores. the release patch suppose to reduce those lag problem (to those who using dual cores cpu) which makes the game are more playable. i think your card should be able to max out the game easily even at 1080 but it might be memory constraint due to only having 512MB of VRAM
  2. If you are really looking far an upgrade the 5850 probably would not help if you CFed the 4850s. The 5870 should make a difference though. In other words the the 5870 would PROBABLY beat the CF 4850s by a bit. If you want eyefinity and DX11 the 5870 is the way to go.
  3. Quote:
    I would suggest you buy a Phenom II x4 940 BE AM2+ though, no use buying a AM3 Phenom ifit's gonna be bottlenecked, and no use having some sort of backwards compatibility with AM3+ since u should be buying a bulldozer then.

    and I would suggest a new single GPU to keep ur PSU light on load, maybe a HD6800

    What do u think on the PII x4 955 to the 940 BE. Other then Price and clockspeed. I will be OC I see some good Benchmark on the 955. I also have a AM2+ board Asus m3a78-t will take any AM3 cpu with of course BIOS update which i have the latest and greatest. Also AM3+ haven't heard on the release. I want a good oc cpu. I have air cooled sys. next build will be water cooled.
  4. Looks like a Radeon 6870/6850 would be a great choice.
    Do you play anymore "demanding" games?
    I'm sure a 6850 could run COD:BLack Ops maxed out on 2 1080p TV's
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