Can i run my XFX ATI HD 4650 on a 250watt PSU?

Can i run my XFX ATI Radeon card on a 250 watt supply?

I used a PSU calculator it told me i need only 273 watt but im not shure if is correct, help me!
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  1. Are you using a dell computer? If you are, than yes, it'll work just fine.
  2. No im using an HP Pavilion P6310la
  3. Then you probably need to upgrade.
    HP PSU's are ultra junk
  4. You will need to upgrade that PSU it will probably run fine for a little wile but sooner or later it will go out on you or random restarts so on and so forth. HP have terrible power supply's go for some thing like this i am assuming it is a standard case this should work fine.
  5. Yes Antec is MUCH better than thermaltake. :D
  6. plznote said:

    Yes that is a much better power supply after rebate i was just thinking this would get the job done and its cheap but that antec is much better same price after rebate!! gota love newegg!
  7. So should i try putting it on?
  8. You can /try/, but I'd upgrade the PSU to the cheapest (reliable) PSU there is.
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    Roach715 said:
    So should i try putting it on?

    You can go head and put in the card I am almost certain it will run but your most likely going to run in to issues pretty quick HP have terrible power supply's you should just replace the PSU now instead of waiting for it to burn out or run in to other problems you don't want to make the room smell like burnt electronics if you know what I mean.
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