Cheapest PhysX card?

I'm on the lookout for the lowest and cheapest PhysX card out there(GT220 a good option?). Don't worry, I won't be running PhysX on the card just yet.

I'm specifically asking because I don't want to waste it when I eventually get a 460(or equal) in a couple of months, I want to then use it as a dedicated PhysX card when I do. I'm also asking for the cheapest because then I can get the 460 earlier(almost a full 2 months earlier infact!).

If I should rather wait for like the 560 please tell me, I don't want to go buying a 460 2 weeks before the 560 comes out XD <== Smiley "spam"!
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  1. The gt220 looks like a very cheap GPU. That or a gt240 would be good. I dont know about the 560 though.
  2. It probably only has to last as primary for 2 or three months. If I can get OK fps at low settings(atleast 1280x1024) I'm happy. Been playing games at 800x600 at lowest settings for 5 yeasr! Dammit, if only my dad was sensible back then and understood that its a crappy card(6200, NV44a). I wanted to go for a GT240 at first, but then worked about the 2 months earlier. Atleast the rest of my comp is good!

    Oh, and by 560 I meant the GTS or GTX560 that will probably come out in the 5xx range sometime.
  3. Get the gt 240 I have one. (even though it sucks) it will last you 2-3 months at all low settings I think.
  4. yea dude go for the gtx560...............its wayy awesum nd much more should also power up against the other 2 cards......wait fr sumtym bro...
  5. Ya needn't break the $75 barrier for PhysX
  6. I unfortunately can't get a GT240, GTS250 or GTS450 anymoe =/

    I now have a choice between 1gb GDDR5 GT220 or a 1gb DDR3 GT430.
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