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HDMI not working on ATI HD radeon 5770.

I have a 23 inch samsung monitor running in 1920x1080 res connected to my computer via an ATI HD radeon 5770 graphics card. The HDMI setting on the monitor is active, however the image displayed on the screen runs off the monitor. An inch or so on either side is completelty off-screen.

When connected with the HDMI cord my options for choosing different resolutions decrease, and selecting all the options now available do not fix this problem.
I have connected the monitor to my xbox with the HDMI cord and it has worked perfectly, leading me to believe it's either a problem with my graphics card, or a simple setting on my computer I'm unable to find.

I'm using windows 7.
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  1. As you have had little in the way of replies i will offer this. I have read a few topics on this sort of issue and its usually a scalling issue which is a setting in the CCC. Sorry i dont know more. If i was running a similar set up i would test for you but im Running on DVI.

    Mactronix :)
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    Your monitor is not syncing properly with your video card. It's the monitor, not the video card. I have had this problem with my Samsung 40" LCD and computer setup. I had to adjust the aspect ratio and I was able to see the entire 1920x1080 image. Since you have a monitor, then you probably don't have an aspect ratio setting. So, try looking at scaling options or auto-image feature in the monitor menu settings. The monitor just needs to reset and it should lock onto the signal correctly.
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