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hello I live in Pakistan. i have an Acer s480g desktop with Intel E8300 processor. the system power supply is ratted up to 300 watt. i want to purchase 5450 3D card. would be the system power supply enough for this 3D card?.
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  1. ok thanks to reply me i will check out my power supply and then tell you about that
  2. It is a Delta power supply which have +12v 11amp and max 216 watt on +12v
  3. Yep, it's good but that card isn't for gaming, only for movies and such. If you want to game get a HD 4670 or better a HD 5670.
  4. thanks but i have purchased that 3d card i am disappointed from
    it performance on movies also. The colors are not very good as comparing with nvidia in this class
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