Nvidia 8600GT 7 Capacitor blown!


FYI I have used a 8600GT graphics card for 3.5 years. And a total of 7 capacitors blew out this year. It started with once every 2 monhts, than every couple of weeks and the last 2 this past week until it finally stopped working. This is the crappiest card I have ever owned. Best performance for a low price compared to other card at the time but this equals bad quality i guess. Any ever had this with other grap. cards?
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  1. Ow. And I have to add that pretty much after 1 year the fan started making a noise on startup of my pc. Like it needed a drop of oil. The noise would always go away after a few minutes.
  2. Lol at list you broke the capacitors blow record did you OC the card or this mess happened in stock speed, temperatures? Sorry I’m laughing you wrote it like was quite an adventure.

    10nx for the infos.
  3. Was your card a xfx 8600, join the club.
    these 2 threads just popped up the last couple days. These things are as regular as alarm clocks. pop pop pop ;)
  4. All to easy to fix. All you have to do if you want to fix the card is order up some new ones that are of the same voltage. It is ok if they are rated higher than the original so long they are not rated lower. You can use either electrolytic or solid state caps but look for quality first. If you have a dead mainboard around some ware you can look there for donor caps but once again voltage has to be the same. The only tool you will need is a solder iron and some rosen core solder. It takes about 10-15min to do so it doesn't require much skill to do. I fixed up a 8800gtx that came in with 4 caps missing. Needless to say it got 4 replacement caps soon after.
  5. wew they electrolytic caps or solid state?
  6. @Giatrakis - Yeah! I am the blow up capacitors world champion! The card did not cost me a furtune so yes, I can pretty much laugh about it. The capacitors have some little hair on them now. At first I did not even know where that sound came from, really loud, but still I did not smell anything like fire or something or see smoke...Quite an adventure indeed. I used the card on normal configuration all the 3,5 years.

    @greghome and nforce4max - Hmm, never thought of doing that.
    I am going to try replacing them. Also the good(Sacon FZ) ones.

    @notty22 - Yes, XFX 8600GT. The box where it came in says "Play hard." I guess they ment "Pop hard!" :o

    Thanks for the info all.
  7. yea i blew a few in my 8500gt... but i'm also overclocking pretty heavy at this point and using a aftermarket cooler. i've only blown 3 caps though ... 7 is impressive
  8. LOL He is our new world record Champion welcome to Tom's Hardware Mark.
  9. Mark_05 said:

    WOW you were lucky that was solid!! In the past it has hard to clean up a mess like that black all over the box lol keep this card to remember. This is why i trying hard to reduse the heat in my HD5770 with every chance i got.
  10. Those aren't solid caps but cleverly made electrolytic caps. You are lucky as most of the dead caps are 16v which will make it easy to buy replacements cheaply. It will be easy to replace them.
  11. lol they have and cleverly made electorlytes? i didn't knew that.

    Why bother to fix it? To break his owned record again? I mean with the links above....
  12. I have a hard time to select which ones I should buy as a replacement.
    Any1 that knows specificly which ones and where to buy?
    I want to replace all 11 grey/blue ones.
  13. since its only an 8600GT, you may be better off just getting a cheap new card, like a 5570 or gt220, they should perform similarly, if not better.

    Will probably find some info here about types of caps http://www.badcaps.net/pages.php?vid=2
  14. Thanks. Yes, come to think of it. I am going to buy a new one. The Fan was also an issue. Makes a lot of noise also started to make some extra noise like somebody was holding a piece of paper against the fan...And reading more and more about it on forums, the performance of the card also get's worse. If you like use only windows and internet, no problem but with games, the do run, but it just doesn't generate all the graphics anymore as I was running my card with 6 blow ups. The 7th made it finally not working anymore. But I am for sure checking the details/components of my new 1. Thanks for the info.
  15. I have an ASUS 8800GT that I bought as refurbished and it came with a capacitor missing! I would like to put one on here but not sure how to read what size I need. Could you look and see?

  16. You can fix that easy. First you need a soder iron to remove the pins. then you need another cap of the same voltage and don't worry as that is a 16v cap. The rating can be higher than the one that is missing so don't worry however you need to match the poles up and that is marked on the cap and pcb. See the stripe on the cap on the one next to the one missing. Use that as an example and you are set. I had to repair a 8800gtx this way when mine came in with 3 caps missing.
  17. Ok. So which is the rating? 826 or 271?
  18. joshua07 said:
    Ok. So which is the rating? 826 or 271?

    Don't worry about rating expect that it must be equal to or greater than the original cap. The voltage Must be the same as the old one. Fallow the same scheme as the one next to it for polarity. It also doesn't have to be a solid state if there is trouble finding them.
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