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ASUS CG1330 ( ),

bought it at Best Buy a couple of days ago. Unable to hook up 2 24" Dell's U2410, DVI and HDMI connection. Tried to hook up one 19" LCD (DVI), works normally.

After I start the computer, after Windows starts, I get a message telling me: "Entering Power Save Mode" using one or two 24" screens, and the screens goes black. (again, the one 19" LCD is normal). Brought it back to Best Buy, and they said it worked as advertised. Back home, and I'm still at a loss of what it could be. The grafics card is ATI 5450 1GB.

This computer/grafics card should be able to handle one, or two 24" LCD monitors. Heck, my 4-year old GeForce does.

Any idea? Thank you.
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  1. Change the default resolutions to the least and start increasing them one notch at a time.
    Most probably the 24 inches are not supporting the resolution you've set on your 19 In monitor....
    Best way to go about it is by booting into safe mode and then adjusting the resolution to the minimum and then starting in the normal mode to increase it step by step.
  2. Thanks...The 19" is 1280x1024...The 24's are 1920x1200...

    With both 24" hooked up, I cannot even get to the ATI control panel, or the windows display setting where I would adjust them to a lower setting.

    But was able to get one 24" running using the HDMI 1920X1200, but when I tried to hook up the other screen to the DVI connection, they both went dark and told me there was no connection to the computer...(Noq have the 24's hooked up to a 4-year old Dell XPS running at 1920x1200, Nvidia GeForce 8600 GTS.)

    Any more ideas would be appreciated.
  3. Solution: Brought back the Asus CG1330, and got a Dell XPS 8100 instead...The Dell has two DVI (and also a HDMI), so hooking up my 24" screens was done in no time...and it works great! (As it should have on the ASUS also, but never got to the bottom of that problem).

  4. You can close this thread, as I solved the problem by getting a Dell XPS 8100. And it's working great!

    Thank you.
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