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I have recently built a new pc which I am using for home theatre/everday use. I have an ATI HD 4250 on a gigabyte mobo. I am running an AMD Phenom II 855 @ 3.GHz with all four cores unlocked. I have Kingston value ram DDR3 1333 timed at 9-9-9-24...(bad I know)

I seem to have issues playing video files there are little flickers (horizontal lines) when I am wathcing a matter. It's like the video isn't rendering all at is very faint but I see makes the video seem laggy at times...usually when the camera is moving around more.

At first I thought it was VLC and then the same thing happens when I play in winamp.

Can some please help? I have installed the Shark codec and still nothing. If I am in the wrong area tell me were to post and I will post there.
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  1. The ram timing you are using is actually not bad. Ram has three major numbers that effect how it will work. The voltage it is set at (usually 1.4-2.1 volts depending on the type of ram), the MHz at which it is running (800-2000 MHz depending on type, there are some that run slower but they are not used much in newer desktops), and than the CAS latency timing which have to do with the clock speeds and cycle timings for data processing by the ram. The higher the mhz and lower the CAS speed the faster the ram is running. @ 1333 MHz 9-9-9-24 is probably the stock timing which is ok, but not stupendous. This also will not effect your overall video that quality that much.

    In my opinion the overall limiting factor here is probably your video card. The ATI HD 4250 is starting to get to be somewhat outdated and depending on your power supply and factors related to your monitor there may be other issues at work, but I would suggest upgrading your video card.
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