This will be quick. I'm building a PC for a friend of the family, and had originally selected the i3-2100, but jumped to this one at the last second. Does anyone know anything about it? I've had good experiences with Intel, and I doubt there will be anything wrong with it, but there is NO feedback on Newegg, no reviews anywhere. Anyone here used it, heard of it, or know anything about it worthwhile? Thanks!
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  1. Not worth the 25$ difference for 200MHz increase if you ask me. Stick to the i3-2100.
  2. I agree with unknown_13 on this, the extra 200mhz will be hardly recognizable so save yourself the cash.
  3. I had a feeling it might be that. It was bundled, so it was a pretty good deal. Sort of regretting not having gone to an i5-2300 now, since that surely WOULD have been recognizable, but these folks will only be using this to surf the web anyway, so the i3 will surely be sufficient. Thanks!
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