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  1. spazticdeath said:

    The memory comes into it if your running at higher resolutions 1920 x1080 would need the 1GB really, 1680x1050 would be a toss up depending on if you were playing demanding games and anything below would be fine with the 768mb card. Personally i would spring for the 1gb if you can afford it unless you are running at 900x1440 or there abouts.

    As far as the cards go i would put the EVGA and ASUS cards together and go with price, although i have a personal preferance for the ASUS card .

    Mactronix :)
  2. Ok, I will go with the Asus and tell ya how I like it once it arrives. Seems the Asus ENGTX460 got rave reviews from quite a few boards I read on.
  3. Considering that the Asus (now outta stock is $210), I'd be inclined to grab another $33 and grab this at $243 thru today ...It seems to get that 10% off thing every cupla days.

  4. that be nice if I had that sort of Jink to spend with. I found another realiable seller of the asus for 179.00 :)

    And yea newegg is all sold out....their card was going for the same price......:( Have to wait till monday to transfer money to my net buying account.....only keep cash in there when I plan to buy something....
  5. If you spend a bit more and you aren't planning on overclocking, this card is easily the fastest and it even beats the gtx470 at stock.
  6. Yes its the better card its clocked higher out of the box. It is actuallt better and not some PR trick.

    Mactronix :)
  7. One more question...

    this is just about 30 bucks more and seems a good deal


    I also notice the clock speeds are faster, this card has OPEN GL, and also RAMDAC. What purpose does RAMDAC serve and why don't other cards have these?
  8. so you like the last card shown, do you know about ramdac and why its listed on this card, but not others?
  9. UMMM ok so like in stupid idiot as I am, what does that all mean? That this card does what with the Ramdac that others cards dont have do?
  10. ahhh ok, thank you so very much....
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