Black screen, pull battery, works, restart, fail, repeat

Hi guys,

(Okay I am an ign
orant redneck, so please humour me as I don't know computer slang at all.)

I bought some new components to update my old machine. Put everything together, fired it up, worked great. Installed fresh Windows Vista, installed drivers and all that stuff, and then did the windows automatic update. Then this started happening after one of those "restart to finish installation" bits:

1. Black screen, no bios beeps, nothing.
2. Unplug power supply, remove CMOS battery (I think that's what that round battery is called?)
3. Wait a few min.
4. Put battery back in
5. Success! Bios beeps, then thing says hit F1 to set bios blah blah blah.
6. I set to default, windows boots, everything works.
7. When I restart/shut down windows, I'm back to the black screen! :fou:
8. Repeat steps 1-6 to make stuff work again, only to restart and have it stop working again....

I should also note that everything seemed to be fine until I did the windows "automatic update", but I don't understand how a windows update could mess with the BIOS so badly...

Any help would be appreciated. I've tried google but can't seem to find anything specific to my issue. Thanks guys -Cameron

Whether or not it's relevent, everything I purchased was new. New motherboard, CPU, HD, powersupply, video card, cables, etc. Motherboard is an ASUS M5A97, running Vista OS.
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  1. Maybe just a new driver glitch for the GPU. What I'd suggest is to turn Automatic Updates off in Windows for the time being.
    Get the rig working, get online and download the latest drivers for all the new components that you have added to the rig. Not from the manufacturers website but from the chip makers website. Eg. Asus ATI GPU go to the AMD site and download the latest drivers for your card not from Asus.
    Then install them one by one and reboot whenever asked to.
    After that check and see what happens and give us a feedback here.
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