ATI 5850 Price Drop on Newegg, Should i Wait?

I have been planning on waiting until Black Friday to purchase my ATI 5850 deal on Its been holding at 209$ with a combo deal (650 Watt XFX PSU) for a grand total of 224.99$. It just fell to 200$ for the whole combo. The 200$ deal expires today which means it will go back to 224.99$ tomorrow until 11/30.

1.) Should i wait for Friday, or jump on it today??

2.) Does Newegg usually cut prices on everything?
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  1. Theres no Guarantee it will be a BF deal. No they don't slash all prices for BF.
  2. So should i take it? Or risk it and hope than it gets slashed on BF.
  3. Dude, if you want the thing buy it. Somebody may buy it out before you get it then you'll mull over it for weeks. Or the price will drop some more and you'll mull over it more. BUY the stupid thing already.
  4. How much sleep are you going to loose over a 30 dollar swing either way ?

    If your going to have all the parts to put the new rig together, go for it now.
    There is always going to be a new better shinier product !

    The 5850 is a kick as card, there are a couple 6850's that are as good as it, only because they have nice coolers and you can o/c them, if you choose.
    The 6870's are pricey.
  5. notty22 said:
    How much sleep are you going to loose over a 30 dollar swing either way ?

    Haha im really cheap :lol:, i like my money to be stretched as far as possible. :) 30$ here and there in a computer can start to add up pretty quickly, in my book :lol:.
  6. Plus I'm not building until Christmas, i just wanted the good deals of Black Friday.
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