Decent graphics card $80 or under to play Black Ops?

I just want to play COD Black ops smooth on decent settings, nothing special. What's the best graphics card for $80 or under? My current graphics card is a 9500GT that doesn't work well anymore, it lags often now even when I install Windows 7 over and reinstall the drivers.

3GB Kingston RAM
AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core
Running Windows 7
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  1. Any help at all would be AWESOME! I just need like 1 reply??
  2. what kind of power supply do you have? is your computer a dell, hp, ect?

    your best bet is probably the 5670, but if your psu is anything less than 300w you might not be able to run it

    if your psu is a bit beefier, liike around 400w, you'd benefit a lot by spending an extra 10 dollars for a 4850, which is leagues above the 5670 in performance
  3. Thanks a lot man that's a huge help! I was like absolutely clueless on what to get.
  4. After rebates the EVGA gts 250 from newegg is $79.99. Good card and it is 1gb. :D
  5. Consider the 5750
  6. Get the gts 250! It will beat all the other cards.
  7. HostileDonut said:
    Get the gts 250! It will beat all the other cards.

    no it won't. 4850 or 5750. Those are your 2 best options.
  8. The 5750 is not as strong. The 4850 is only a tad stronger than the 5750 and the gts 250 still wins. Also consider that the 5750 is out of his price range. the gts 250 wins.
  9. I am sorry the radeon 5750 does beat the gts 250 by a bit is some places. The gts 250 beat the 4850 though. Becuase the radeon 5750 is not is your price range go for the gts 250. ;)
  10. 9800's anyone? Come on you know you love em'.
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