New Laptop Acer vs. Toshiba

I need your help deciding on a new laptop. For the money what is the better buy?

Toshiba Satellite A660-BT3N25 Laptop for $1279


Acer Aspire AS8943G-9319 for $1218

Will the Toshibas new sandy bridge chip spank the acer's i7-740qm?
Also as far as graphic cards are concerned which one is better? The Toshiba Satellite's Geforce 540M
or the Acer's Radeon HD 5850. I am buying this as a desktop replacement, So I want everyones opinion.
I am aware that the Toshiba is only a 16in 720p widescreen and the Acer is an 18.4 1080p.

Please and thanks for the opinons.
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  1. Not a peep from anyone? Doesn't anyone know anything about these two?
  2. i need a acer laptop
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