Buy AM3 or AM3+ for my processor?


i have chosen to buy a processor from AMD Phenom II X4 Series which all require an AM3 socket, and i would like to ask: Should i buy a motherboard(i want an ASUS one) with AM3+ socket if i can afford it, for the future if i want to upgrade my system? Or there will be a problem with the AM3 required from the current processor?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Whats your budget for everything? Are u shopping in the USA?
  2. If you can afford an AM3+ that will take faster memory and also will support the FX-series CPUs (bulldozer and the next in that range).

    I have just got an ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX
    you can see my comments on that mobo here

    been running that mobo for a week now and it is rock solid running PRIME 95 using a corsair HD60 liquid cooler.

    There are many other AM3+ mobos so shop around as there may be some good deals going.
    Good luck
  3. I have a budget around 500 euros(i shop in Greece)...
    I am thinking of choosing an AMD Phenom II X4 (965 or 970 or 975)...
    So i need some advice whether to invest in a mobo or not!
  4. 500 Euros only for computer case and its components...
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