Surge Protectors: What do I actually need?

I have a home office with 2 lap tops and one desk top and all the hardware that goes into making that work. I have 3 small printer/fax/scanners and one large copier/fax. I have 3 telephones, routers and more. What is the best way to protect all of these machines. Can anyone out there suggest the best way for me to go? Thank you Beccie
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    I'd go for a 1700 Watt surge for the laptops and destop(do you know the PSUs on them, or are they just mainstream PCs?)

    then the small stuff on one, and the large one on a one by itself, to be safe buy 4 or so surges, make sure they are insured by the manufacture!
  2. You can buy a multi plug adapter set up that will allow you to connect all the cables and power plug components into the same surge suppressor. To be fair this is not a 100% guarantee, but many companies offer some type of special protection plan that guarantees the replacement of parts damaged while connected to their suppressors.
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