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My evga 460 gtx not running properly after direct x update

I need some help,

Everything was running fine on my system, my benchmarks were on par with the rest of the community and my gpu temps were 65-70 degress full load. Thus far i've been using the EVGA precision tool to overclock my card, however I wanted to use afterburner to up the voltage a bit. When i tried opening Kombuster ( Afterburner Benchmark) i got a error message about a missing DLL file. I googled the error and was told it was due to outdated directx files. So i proceeded to to update Directx and now I can use Kombuster, BUT, now my benchmark scores/fps have gone down by 80%. Also my GPU tempuratures won't climb over 36 degrees full load, its as if my gpu isn't doing anything.

The DirectX version i updated to is 9.29.1962 published on: 6/8/2010

Any help would be appreciated greatly, if you need more info just let me know
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  1. I believe it is necessary to reinstall the video drivers after you update DirectX.
  2. i took your advise, went to install updated nvidia graphics drivers and 1/8 the way into the install my screen resolution went to lowest possible resolution and now the install failed.

    physx system software 9.10.0514 Not installed
    HD audio Driver Not installed
    Graphix Driver 260.99 Failed
    3D vision Driver 260.99 Not Installed

    That was what was in the box below the failed nvidia graphics driver message
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    You may have to uninstall the Nvidia drivers, then download the lastest from Nvidia directly.

    In the process of installing new drivers, it does drop down to a low resolution for a few seconds, while it's loading up the new drivers.
  4. That fixed it Thanks a million!
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