Gigabyte am3+ mobo with ide and fdd headers

I am looking for a Gigabyte AM3+ socket motherboard that supports ide and fdd headers.
The only one I can find is the GA-890FXA-UD5 in either revision 2.0 or 2.1.
According to the manufacturer the only version of this board that supports the AMD FX series cpu is the revision 3.1 w/ a black 942 pin AM3+ socket.
No retailer has this mobo, I suspect they're trying to dump their revision 2 boards.
I been told by retailers that this board is at its end of life but not according to the manufacturer.
Then they (retailers) push the 980 series AM3+ mobo w/o ide and fdd headers or the 880 series AM3 boards. :fou:
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  1. Looks like this model is already obsolete and it was introduced in May 2011.
    I spoke w/ the manfacturer's sales dept. on Fri. 12/30/11 and that's what I was told.
    Also, Gigabyte will no longer offer mobos w/ ide or fdd headers as they feel there is no need for them.
    So there will be no on board support for these legacy devices.
    If you want support for IDE devices you will need either a PCI card or
    an SATA adapter IDE to SATA converter that connects to the 40 pin connector on the back of the HDD or DVD/CD device.
    As far as floppy support you'll need an external USB floppy drive, for some strange reason no one offers an internal USB floppy drive.
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