The new 6850 and 6870

hi everyone long time no see :)

we've all seen the new 2 ati cards

so i ve noticed something unusual

the 6850 is cheaper than 5850 and its weaker as ive seen in alot of benchmark the 5850 is better in like 14 fps or so.

and now im confused and dont know whats going on isnt the 6000 supposed to be an improved 5000 or what.

if so and thats what i believe why is it cheaper and weaker if anyone has an info please share

explain everything please cuz im helping my friend in his build

:D best of luck for everyone :D
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  1. The 6870 and 6850 are the replacements for the 5770 and 5750. The yet to be released 6970 and 6950 are the replacements for the 5870 and 5850.
  2. The ATI/AMD 6850 is like a 5830 with better tessellation than the 5850. The 6870 is a bit better than the 5850 but not as good as the 5870. It also has better tessellation than the 5870. Hope I helped. :D
  3. At the same frequency, the performance of 5850 better than 6850
  4. but 6850 have lower power consumption than 5850
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