Haf 912 or thermaltake V4

so im going to buy a new case and i am stumped between the haf 912 and the thermaltake v4

both are selling for $55 at tigerdirect and both have their pro's and cons

Thermaltake V4
-all black interior
-all tool-less drive bays
-led fan included

-cant find many reviews on it
-doesn't look like it has very much space in between the motherboard back plate and the side plate to route cables plus no cable management holes
-only 120mm exhaust fan and can only upgrade with 120mm fans

HAF 912
-Can remove middle drive bays to fit full length GPU's
-2 120mm fans and can be upgraded with a couple 200mm's
-good cable management

-only one tool-less drive bay (i believe)
-grey interior

so what do you all think i should get? if the thermaltake doesnt have mush room for cable management then i guess i will be getting the haf 912 and could i also just spray paint the inside of the case with a black primer that i already have sitting around? also does anyone know the max length of GPU the V4 can hold?

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  1. either case is fine, get the one you think looks best.

    I've built with the 912 and have checked out the V4 several times.
  2. thsnks for the reply, ive looked at them both and checked out some other forums and from what i hear, the V4 has little to no cable management.. looks like i will be getting the haf... unless there are any other cases you can recommend for that price point?
  3. I've seen both in person the V4 is cheap, it uses thin steel and only weighs 10lbs.
    Retail is $50 so not much of a deal.I've seen it for under $40 and as low as $30 with mir many times.
    I would buy a HAF 912 or Antec 300 over the V4.
  4. the V4 pretty much has the same cable management as most $50-60 cases, the differences in these cases is often minimal

    other cases to check out; antec 300 and 100, Cooler master elite 430

    although if cable management is your first priority, the 912 beats them in that department.
  5. k so im sold on the elite 430 or the haf 912... does the elite 430 have much room behind the motherboard inbetween the back plate for cable management? if not haf 912 it is then
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    vibrantxxninjas said:
    k so im sold on the elite 430 or the haf 912... does the elite 430 have much room behind the motherboard inbetween the back plate for cable management? if not haf 912 it is then

    the HAF has decent room but it can still bulge out, more then the elite offers.

    pro's of the elite 430 over the HAF 912
    black interior
    window side panel (if you like that)
    blue LED front light (if you like that)
    bottom fan mount (not really a bid deal)
    plastic on the front is slightly sturdier
    flat top in case you need to place things on the top (if you like that)
    bottom and top dust filters (HAF is is PSU only if i recall)
    sturdier HDD cage
    back exhaust is in line with most CPU coolers that blow toward the back. the HAF is slightly raised so the cooler fan and exhaust fan won't align (see the image). you can simply have the cooler fan blow into the top exhaust though, if the option is available.

    pro's of the HAF 912 over the elite 430
    more holes on the mobo try for cable management
    a bit more room behind the mobo try
    can take a 140 or 120mm side fan to the elite's 120mm
    can take a 200mm or dual 140 or 120mm top fans, elite is dual 120mm
    can take a 200mm or dual 120mm front fans, elite is a single 120mm
    movable HDD cage for more room

    both cases come with the same two 120mm spec fans

    compared to the antec budget options, neither case has thick side panels and both use cheap plastic up front (they are budget cases after all and CM has to cut cost somewhere).

    I would personally go with the elite 430 for its slightly better plastic and top filters. More importantly, I don't care for the HAF's looks and I would have to look at the case every day.

    If cable management is your first priority, you won't find a better case then the HAF 912 at that price range.
  7. my final decision is the haf 912 thanks everyone!
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