Another no signal prob

Hi all. OK so my friends system is getting the no signal thing and I thought it was the video card. I tried the video card in my rig and it works fine.
I know it could be the psu but I just noticed that the heatsink fan starts up with the system and then stops. I was hoping that was a give away to the problem.

OK here are the specs.
HP pavilion a 6530f
amd phantom x3 8450 triple core
4096 ram
640 gig hard drive
geforce GTS 250 1GB
550 watt raidmax psu
vista 64 bit
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  1. OK so I tried it with just one stick of ram and then no ram and I still can not get it to work. All the fans turn on and then the cpu fan just stops?
  2. Bought a new psu and that was it.
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