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I now have a problem.I'm tech savvy but this one has me stumped. For weeks now...maybe even months my monitor gets real garbled. Not unlike those old analog tvs when the tube was going out, or the z or v hold gets moved. When it doesnt do that, i notice the reds and bright colors have lines in it, not unlike when you have your color setting low,or in safe mode. I had the feeling it was my card. When I went to bed last night it was fine, and when i woke up it had just a blank screen with a cursor. tried restarting, same thing. put in xp disc and was able to boot and run repair mode, but the entire time it flashed on and off, on and off....chkdsk found and repaired..took out the disc...back to cursor.
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  1. If you have another computer try your monitor in that and then try your GPU in it.
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